The Brains Behind It…

Yo Ya’ll!

I always start things off like that and then I cringe and go “Oh I’ll never do that again, that was BAD…”
And then the next day…there I go again.

My name is Becky and obviously I’m, like, totally awesome!
Oh, uhh, I mean, I’m kinda…interesting?

I’m a Whovine (Doctor Who fan for all you NON Whovines…) and am Sherlocked (watch BBC’s “Sherlock”). I also watch Merlin which is a close third in the race for best tv show EVER (listed only after the aforementioned Doctor Who and Sherlock)

I love the read and write. I like Austen, Dickens, Tolkien, Lewis, John Green, etc, etc. I also like to write though. Short stories, short bits of stories, and sometimes poetry.

I graduated high school in June 2011.

Here, I write stuff periodically on my other blog at so feel free to check out the stuff I’ve posted over there!

If you feel intrigued and wonder if I’m as crazy as I sound check out my vlog on youtube as rlpdean. I’ve been vlogging there since December 2010. Or you can read my crazy-person tweets on twitter @rlpbeckleston or test how much of a Whovine or how Sherlocked I am at my tumblr “Worthwhile Pursuits“.

Have a great day peoples!
– Becky.


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